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Download Area – Please feel free to download any of our product specification sheets by clicking on the links below. If you require further information on any of our products or if you have an enquiry about product you do not see listed below, please get in touch with us.

Product Categories

 ProductDownloadFile size
Vibratory bowl feeders catalogueRNA Bowl FeederDownload3 MB
Linear feeder catalogueRNA Linear FeederDownload3 MB
Conveyor catalogueRNA ConveyorsDownload5 MB
Control Boxes for Vibratory Drive UnitsControl Boxes for Vibratory Drive UnitsDownload5 MB
Step feeder CatalogRNA Step feedersDownload540 KB

Product Information

ProductType no.DownloadFile size
Vibratory bowl feeders Download1.8 MB
Screw bowl feedersTwisterDownload1 MB
Centrifugal feeders Download1.6 MB
3-Axis Vibrator feederFlexCube 50Download912 KB
3-Axis Vibrator feederFlexCube 80Download935 KB
3-Axis Vibrator feederFlexCube 240Download1.4 MB
3-Axis Vibrator feederFlexCube 530Download945 KB
Step feeders Download835 KB
Carpet feeders Download1.1 MB
RNA Robotic Systems Download2 MB
RNA Vision Inspection Systems Download1.3 MB
RNA Vision Inspection SystemsMK360 Glass Disc VisionDownload1.3 MB

Operating Instructions

ProductType no.DownloadFile size
Vibratory bowl feedersSRC-N 63-100Download352 KB
 SRC-N 160-800Download420 KB
Linear feedersGLDownload197 KB
 SLKDownload404 KB
 SLL-SLFDownload1 MB
 SLL-SLF 1000-1040Download572 KB
 SLADownload604 KB
 SLCDownload587 KB
 SLSDownload518 KB
Step feedersSTSDownload705 KB
Control unitsESG 90Download229 KB
 ESG1000Download313 KB
 ESG 2000 Download407 KB
 ESM 906/910Download356 KB
 ESK 2000Download416 KB
 ESK 2001Download670 KB
 ESK 2002Download828 KB
 ESR 2000Download361 KB
 ESR-ESM 3000Download1 MB
 ESR 25/28 *Download371 KB
 ESR 2500/2800Download638 KB
 EBC 10 Download337 KB
 EBC 3000 Download274 KB
 EBF 04 Download60 KB
 EBF 05Download550 KB
 SCU 1000-2000Download1 MB
ElevatorSTFDownload451 KB

* The ESR 25 controller is now obsolete and has been replaced by the ESR 2500.

The ESR 01 controller has been replaced by the ESR 2000/ESR3000. The ESG90 is now obsolete and has been replaced by the ESG1000.

ProductType no.DownloadFile size
ConveyorsFP 15Download1 MB
 FP-FK 120Download628 KB
HoppersBU-WDownload1 MB
 BVLDownload455 KB
 BFKDownload232 KB
 BU-SDownload456 KB

* The BU hopper is now obsolete and has been replaced by the BU-W.

Spare parts list

ProductType no.DownloadFile size
Vibratory bowl feeders Download451 KB
Linear Feeders Download638 KB
Step feeders Download934 KB


Download our product drawings

You will need a recent version of Adobe reader to view these datasheets. A copy of this software is freely available
from the Adobe website.

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