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Website Based Project Management

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RNA have recently launched an online management tool integrated with the current website to support RNA project management and client communications. This creates a client area on the RNA website and enables customers to login with a user name and password. Files can be shared that have been uploaded specifically for a client.

“We consider this initiative to be key in our ability to improve communication with our clients and believe it will result in better and faster decision-making and exchange of ideas.”

The entire system is accessed and managed online, which helps with simultaneous management of multiple projects. There are four main functionalities of the system: Messages; File sharing; To-Do lists; and Milestones.

Messages The message board is a great tool for communicating with clients. Customers can post messages and notify any or all members of a project, who is required to “action” or respond. The message threads encourage active participation from our clients, which give them the opportunity to comment at every stage of a project. Even at the quotation stage, this can be a useful forum to complement telephone and email. An instant message discussion can occur at anytime and include many project members at the same time. RNA is also using this function for internal discussions on how to handle tasks between all members working on a particular project.

File Sharing With built-in file sharing functionality, it is easy to share documents with clients for a project. This allows clients to exchange files and documents with RNA project members by uploading them onto a secure, fast and reliable online storage area. Upload photos, videos, CAD drawings, quotations, or reference items. With this functionality, it removes any potential difficulties of sharing large files such as reference videos and high resolution photos; with the advantage of exchanging information at any time from anywhere.

To-Do Lists Within the system, multiple to-do lists can be created for each project, with specific items added and relevant people assigned for each list. This function allows clients to check the status of a project, understand progress against milestones and outstanding issues to be dealt with. Our clients are also allowed access to post comments and attach files to an individual to-do list, thereby participating very closely in the manufacturing process. In combination with ‘Milestones’, this function effectively supplements RNA Project Management procedures and helps prevent possible delays, at the same time keeping the customer fully in the picture at all times.

Milestones Milestone provides a simple framework to map out general project timelines at a high level. The functionality enables us to keep track of important project deadlines, such as due date for quotations. With this function, it is more effective for an RNA project manager to allocate tasks to project members and monitor their progress. Equally, our clients are also able to Keep track of what’s due, when it’s due, and who is responsible.

For RNA, we are primarily using the system to manage exchanging files and improve communications with clients. We use the system as a single information repository, primarily for external projects, often with our clients and partners around the world. A case in point is communication with our North American facility, where time and distance can become an issue. So the ability to access all information, documents, and files from one centralized place is extremely valuable to not only our workflow, but also our clients. This portal becomes a focal point effectively allowing access to RNA projects “24/7” for all of our members and clients.

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