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Solution – Palletising System PSF 1

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Shown is a Palletising System type PSF 1 designed and developed by RNA’s Swiss Partner RoboMat, marketed by RNA in the UK and Ireland. The major benefit of this revolutionary design is its high speed, small footprint and reliability.

Case Study

PSF1.1A global leading manufacturer in the medical device industry had a requirement to automate a new product after production and place into trays. The customers production line delivers more than 10’000 pieces per hour, as well as the high output the line is not continuous and is further complicated by the product being made in various sizes.

Manufacturing takes place inside a class 8 clean room where space is limited, in which case equipment has to be as small as possible with good access for operators.

PalletizerThe component was taken from the production line with a handling unit fitted with an 8 head vacuum unit placing them into the trays. Changeover for the complete tray is less than 2 seconds, a rotary table was used to transport the trays due to the short cycle time.

Prior to tray loading product was also marked with a bar code on a paper strip, applied and the code verified with a vision system. The populated tray was also checked again with a vision system to check for positional accuracy of the product.

The benefits of the system are low cost, a small compact footprint, high speed and good operator accessibility. The system can also be expanded for higher outputs and more stringent clean room requirements.

More information about RNA RoboMat Palletizing Systems can be found here.

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