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FLEXTYPE P: Future Proof Precision Feeding of two different size parts using an Asycube 240 and an Adept SCARA robot

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RNA’s flexible FlexType P feeding system with Asyril’s 3-axis vibration platform Asycube 240 is the perfect solution for the precise feeding of 2 different components in the manufacture of an automotive product.

With a cycle time of 7.5 seconds, the customer requires the machine to feed 8 components per minute of each part. The customer requirement was for a flexible automation solution that can feed multiple part styles in the same system or adapt to future product designs. RNA’s FlexType P fulfils these requirements and becomes the optimal choice.

Asycube system with Scara robot 1
Asycube system with Scara robot
The component parts are pre-sorted with a vibrating hopper and transferred in controlled amounts onto the vibration platform of the ‘Asycube 240’, where the parts are quickly separated and pre-oriented for the robotic pick up. Illuminated by backlight, the vision system enables the optical evaluation and subsequent processing by the high-performance Adept SCARA 4-Axis robot. The robot picks up two component parts per cycle and places them in the loading fixture of the customer’s assembly. The fixture provides protection on the one hand against outside influences like e.g. extraneous light and also guarantees continuous operation of the system.

The system can easily retrofit and reconfigure for additional products through tool-less and simple changeover. The option of discharging the hopper quickly as well as of exchanging the vibration platform without tools enables the system highly future-proof. The customer is therefore very well positioned for future changes in the product range without having to take into consideration mechanical retooling work.


  • Quick and simple product changeover
  • Optimized integration and programming time
  • Increased productivity

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