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Proof before purchase

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One of the barriers often arising with the procurement process for automation expenditure can be confidence in the suppliers’ engineering solution.

Making the correct choice when being offered different solutions for an automation project or problem can be risky and costly in the short and long term. Making a difficult or wrong decision can have long term implications. When purchasing bespoke automation you need to be confident you have not only chosen the right company, but also the correct solution and importantly, one with a low level of risk.

RNA have a history of giving prospective customers confidence in the engineering solution prior to a contract with an insight to the proposal, often supporting our proposals with trials and feasibility studies. This can help to eradicate uncertainty in procurement decisions and gives confidence the correct investment choices are being made.

CoinsAs a part of the quotation process, each new project undergoes a design and manufacturing feasibility review. RNA offer prospective customers access to our engineering teams’ extensive automation experience, standard equipment, and in depth knowledge of feeding technology and specialist handling systems. All this expertise is to hand at our factory in Birmingham.

For feeding systems often trials are carried out by developing and tooling a critical element of the system. Perhaps this will be to prove that a difficult component can be orientated and accumulated effectively. RNA will endeavour to set up the systems to replicate as far as possible the operation in a real world production environment.

Often RNA are also asked to provide non bowl feeding solutions. As an example, RNA was asked to design a transfer and sorting solution for three very different designs of oval tablets at over 1800 components per minute. The customer required the automation to remove broken tablets (1/2 or less) without the use of a complicated vision system. A standard RNA linear drive unit type SLL400-400 was used for the demonstration and final design. On that occasion, we were able to draw upon components modified from our standard range and successfully proved the viability of the solution.

RNA are also increasingly being asked to carry out feasibility projects for vision systems and robot handling systems where confidence in the vision system combined with a fully automated handling unit are key elements of the project.

During 2011 RNA carried out many feasibility studies and trials, which were instrumental in giving customer sufficient confidence to go ahead with the project.

Pre-quote feasibility reviews also give our customers the opportunity to meet our key personnel, view our operations and quality. We often encourage customers to bring the key decision makers to test and see the equipment ‘go-live’. When viewed live, further discussion and analysis about the project can be discussed around the equipment. This is usually more meaningful and prompts further discussion than a design drawing alone.

RNA Total Confidence in Supply

  • RNA can help customers reduce risk during the equipment selection and purchase process
  • RNA enable customers to visit and inspect our facilities
  • RNA’s technical team provide expert advice on your projects from the design to installation
  • RNA can work with you to evaluate the effectiveness of a new system including evaluating the payback period for the project.

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