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Open House success at RNA International Headquarters

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RNA group headquarters located in Aachen Germany recently held an open day, showcasing live demonstrations of RNA feeding and handling systems. 

Held over two days visitors attended a live open house at the RNA group headquarters situated in the beautiful Cathedral town of Aachen Germany. A wide range of sectors and industries where catered for including the pharmaceutical, & medical devices industry, food & drink, automotive, cosmetics and a section for original equipment manufacturers.

The Open House featured a sector for each industry highlighting  specific applications that were relevant to each industry.

RNA open dayVisitors were guided through the main factory manufacturing facility showing developments in handling technology including RNA’s high speed multi lane linear feeding systems.

Visitors were talked through the implementation of quality during each stage of manufacture and  the quality control process . A focus on commitment to quality, ‘Qualitätspass’, was also introduced that helps RNA systemize the quality assurance process throughout manufacture to final delivery to the end customer.

  • What is ‘Qualitätspass’?‘Qualitätspass form’ is a new  approach introduced by RNA Germany to ensure quality assurance. It is specifically designed to be completed by every relevant department for each project. The “Qualitätspass” form assures quality by controlling every step of project process.An improvement on the quality culture at RNA parent company benefits all members of RNA group as a whole.

Visitors were impressed by the great variety of the “live demonstrations”. It was not only a chance to show our customers the latest in handling and feeding technology, but it is also a great opportunity for everyone to share information and ideas in a nice and friendly atmosphere.’ Commented Simone Kreuzer, marketing manager of RNA Germany.

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