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New Linear Feeder for multi-track and pharma applications

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RNA linear feeders are used to handle irregular supplies of component parts from upstream equipment, creating a buffer store and smooth flow for further processes. The new RNA linear feeder series SLC500-400 is the latest addition to the compact range and is particularly suitable for the secure transfer of elongated vials in the pharmaceutical industry.
RNA New Linear Feeder SLC
The holding fixture for vibratory superstructures of this linear feeder offers a 400mm centre distance and is additionally equipped with a total of 6 spring packs and stronger magnets for operation at 50Hz. This is then suitable for multitrack accumulation lines with a total width of approx. 500mm and length of 1,000mm. The SLC500-400 also provides a solid basis for vibrating hopper systems with high load weights.

Key features

  • Transport behaviour is easy to set;
  • Compact type of construction (lowest construction height, shortest possible length);
  • Very high load capacity possible (approx. 60-70 kg);
  • Large outlets are possible on the discharge side (approx. 500 – 700 mm);
  • Low vibration transfer into the base frame at high amplitudes due to the drive weight;
  • Buffer arrangement (8 pieces);
  • The spring arrangement with counterweight combination also enables a gentle running performance (e.g. transporting glass bottles in standing position);
  • Adjustable spring angles.

RNA New Linear Feeder SLC

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