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New Asycube 530, 3-axis part feeder targets robotic assembly & palletising applications

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This addition extends the Asycube family of vibrating feeding platforms from part sizes as small as 0.1 mm up to 150 mm2. Launched in North America during AUTOMATE 2017 the 530 series was released to meet the growing market demand for large-part and collaborative robotic part feeders.

Asyril’s unique, 3-axis voice coil–based feeder solutions have quickly become the leading choice for robotic part feeders, assembly, and palletizing applications, thanks to performance benefits inherent to the 3-axis design.

3-Axis Vibration Technology

3-axis voice-coil electromagnetic actuation can push parts in all three dimensions with variable amplitudes using Asyril’s Feeder Control Centre software. This means that the robot has certainty in picking and therefore reliability of cycle time. Parts can also be arranged in pockets to create a more efficient picking pathway.

Programmable control enables Asycube feeder solutions to go from concept to deployment in hours or days instead of weeks or months. More motion control also means Asycube models are compatible with 99 percent of part geometries — even the most challenging, such as miniature springs, gears, and other entwined or very small electronic parts. Part changeover happens with the click of a mouse.

This is a “step change” on existing compressed air technology, given Asyril’s voice-coil technology, which is cleaner, more robust, and more sustainable.

3-Axis Vibration Technology by asyril

The Asycube 530 joins the Asycube 50, 80, and 240. Each number in the series represents the diagonal length of the vibrating part tray.

Equipped with Asyril’s intelligent vibration platforms, the RNA’s new flexible feeding system FlexType P provides a complete solution for robotic part feeders, assembly, and palletizing applications that include machine vision camera, high-speed, pick and place robot and 3-axis vibration platform.

RNA are the UK partner of Asyril SA, the Switzerland-based manufacturer of advanced 3-axis small-part feeder systems.

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