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A study ‘Positive Impact of Industrial Robots on Employment’ conducted by Metra Martech:-

  1. Growth in robotics use is expected to result in 1 million new jobs over the next five years
  2. 2 to 3 million direct employment and 3 to 5 million indirect employment as a result of robotics in world manufacturing
  3. ‘Automation and robotics’, ‘increased size of manufacturing plants’ and ‘globalisation of sourcing’ are three main
  4. Robots and jobs reportfactors of productivity increases
  5. Greater use of robotics in the SME sectors, especially in the developed countries, to win back manufacture from the low cost countries.
  6. Greater use of robotics in the food sector as processed meals develop, to meet more stringent hygiene conditions.

– See the full report here 


More information can be found at IFR (International Federation of Robotics)’s website.

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