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Human and Robot, no more separation

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The term collaborative robots refers to robots designed to work in direct interaction with humans within a defined collaborative workspace. Collaborative robots are creating a new kind of manufacturing workforce and opening the door to a greater human-robot co-habitation.

The emergence of collaborative robots on the manufacturing scene fulfils industry demands for flexible, reliable and safe automation; helping to replace operators in routine, dangerous, or repetitious tasks. The features of collaborative robots mean that more manufacturers can take advantage of the many opportunities that robot technology offers.

Collaborative Robot Universal robots

Industrial vs Collaborative Robots

industrial robot

collaborative robot

Separate from humans; guarding or other additional safety devices needed Work alongside human operators; usually no need for guarding
Applications: Precision and repeatability Applications: Flexibility and ease of use
Expensive Low cost of ownership
Expert programmer needed Plug and play; easy to program
Integration needed Fully integrated & Self contained
Faster, more powerful Slower, less powerful

Type of tasks/Industries using collaborative robotics

  • Less structured tasks/Short tasks
  • High dexterity tasks
  • High-mix, low-volume operation
  • Packaging / Pick & Place / Material handling
  • Manufacturing / Fine assembling
  • CNC machine tool tending

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