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Covid-19 Update From RNA Automation

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In order to best support our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic we have taken steps to protect our core business activities.

These include equipping our mechanical and controls design teams with the hardware, software and training necessary to enable effective home working, and although they are no longer on site we are maintaining contact through remote departmental and production review meetings daily to keep the team informed and projects progressing. All non-essential staff have also been asked to stay at home in order to minimise the number of people entering the building, and with it minimise the potential exposure of production staff to coronavirus.

A management team remains on site to support day-to-day business activity, with the intention being that should any departmental manager have the requirement not to be at the factory for any reason, one of their team members who is currently working remotely will be available to return to the factory to ensure the smooth running of the business.

We are monitoring the situation constantly, and our position will evolve in line with government advice, but we are doing all we can to ensure the safety of our staff, support of our customers and the continuity of the business in the current climate.

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