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Carpet Feeder handles Aluminium Castings

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Sorting and Feeding of 5 Types of Aluminium Castings; Feed with correct positioning, separate and pass the casings in a cycle conveyor of a vulcanizing machine.

Carpet feeder for aluminum casings

5 types of aluminium castings for rubber-metal motor mountings

Automotive Suppliers (Manufacturers of Engine Mountings for Passenger Vehicles)

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Operation Description

From a customer loader the aluminium casings reach the bulk hopper. A hopper passes the parts onto a flat feeder. On the flat feeder the aluminium casings are sorted turned lengthwise with the open ‘U’ turned downwards and passed to an accumulation conveyor. At the end of the accumulation conveyor the parts are separated. A control station recognizes the orientation of the filling bore on the long side of the part. A handling grabs the aluminium casing and transports it upwards over the conveyor of the vulcanizing machine. When a pocket of the cycle conveyor is underneath the handling position the aluminium casing is laid onto this receiver.

Discharge Position
Lengthwise oblique to the conveyor direction, open ‘U’ oriented downwards, filling bore pointed ahead.

Cycle time 8 seconds

Comprehensive control of the feed with separation, control station and handling including supervision of the cycle conveyor of the customer machine.

The system consists of:
Bulk hopper, hopper (vibration hopper), flat feeder, accumulation conveyor, separating station, control station, handling, and control.

Carpet feeder for aluminum casings
Carpet feeder for aluminum casings



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