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Automated Cap Assembly and Indexing System

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RNA were contracted to design and develop a cap lid and body assembly machine at a speed of 2400 assembled caps per hour. The system was manufactured in a compact design, equipped with body and lid feeding systems, a 4 stations rotary indexing table, main controller, operating panel and safety devices.


Body & Lid Feed Systems

Bodies and lids are manually loaded into elevating bulk feeders, which store and transfer them on demand to their respective vibratory bowl feeders. The components are fed and orientated by the vibratory bowl feeders, before being transferred to vibratory linear tracks. The vibratory bowl feeders are internally lined with soft felt to reduce and minimise product marking.

Rotary Indexing Systems

Indexing Table

An rotary indexing table collects two bodies at a time from the discharge end of the body feed system’s linear track, before presenting them to the discharge position of the lid feed system.

Lid Pick and Place

A pick and place handling system collects two lids at a time and place them onto two bodies presented by the indexing table.

Tamp Station

A tamp station on the indexing table presses down on the lid and body together to form the assembled component.

Check Station

A check station tests two assembled components at a time to ensure that the lid is present and correctly pressed down onto the body.

Good/Bad Eject Stations

Components found to be missing the lid, or with the lid incorrectly tamped, are rejected from the system into a storage container.

Components that pass the check station are ejected from the system into the customer’s storage containers.

RNA design and develop rotary indexing system that is tailored to the customer’s specific applications. The system can be utilized in many environments ranging from assembly, machining, testing, printing to parts positioning and transfer.

Key benefits

    • Custom machine with rotary indexing table
    • Check station integrated to prevent faulty components, removing them to ensure quality
    • High precision and repeatability
    • High productivity
    • Cost effective
    • Low maintenance
    • Floor-space saving
    • The machine can be upgraded to suit different types of cap. Changeover will be accommodated via interchangeable bowls tops, and adjustable tooling on the linear tracks and indexing table.

    All of these benefits deliver a short payback period and impressive return on investment.

    RNA skills:-

    Machine building and integration, machine and process control, Rotary indexing tables, Feeding and handling, Pick and place, Project management


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